Create and maintain your personal or business website for free with Webnode


Webnode is a web site and program that allows you to create, manage, and easily control your personal website totally for free. It has a very simple drag and drop interface, loads of customization options for your site, and even a smart tutorial that will offer help when and where you need it.

I can remember when the world wide web was so brand new, and finding out that I could one day have my very own web site out there was a major thrill as a young man looking to make an indelible mark on the world.

At the time, however, it wasn’t so easy to just create and publish and connect a new web site, but that has changed over the years along with almost everything else as our information technology makes leaps and bounds every year.

Moore’s law may not apply directly to building web pages, but the principle could be called similar, and the end result of that supposition is nearly the same: web pages and sites have become more and more easy to create, edit, publish and maintain.

In fact, it has become so easy in recent years that many programs say things like, “It’s so easy even your grandma can do it!” and Webnode says that right on their splash page.

Webnode Screen 3Webnode Screen 2They are correct. There are so many great, easy, free ways to create a web site out there now, one is nearly overwhelmed with the different choices on offer. In particular, if you are creating a personal web page, for your own blog or photo galleries or whatnot, there are metaphoric tons of different programs and sites out there that will help you do so at no cost. Webnode is, in my opinion, one of the best in this arena.

Webnode Screen 4Webnode Screen 5

Webnode allows you to sign up for a free account with them, and then create a web site, publish and maintain it, and all at no cost to you other than your regular ISP costs. The process is pretty simple, and it is actually one of the more user friendly web building platforms I have personally tried. However, that is not all that Webnode really has to offer. In addition to making a personal site, Webnode also allows you some free options for business sites, which is pretty unusual for this kind of thing. Most of the web building platforms that have a zero cost out there won’t let you do anything for a business site that is actually useful without paying something at some point. Webnode differs from the pack in that way as follows: You can create a free personal or free business website, and maintain it as long as you want, at no cost. An E-Commerce website is free to set up and free to maintain for 30 days but after that they will make you get a premium account.

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So, for personal or basic business use, Webnode is near perfect but if you want any further abilities, like E-Commerce for example, you will either have to get a premium account or find another program. The business site option does offer a premium account too, with some extras added, but the free version is perfectly useful and appropriate if all you want to really do is set up and maintain a presence online for your business. They’ll even help you to use your own domain name if you have one, or help you go purchase one if you don’t, but they don’t demand that you do so either. Another great point worth mentioning about Webnode that sets them apart from other free web building platforms is the fact that they don’t place mandatory ads on your site, and they promise that they never will.

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You’ll need to sign up with a name for your site ( in this case) and your email address, as well as creating a password. Once you have done so, you’ll get an email asking you to verify your email address, click the link in it and you’re all done with the sign up process. Once the sign up is done, you’ll be led through the basic process of creating your site.

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The Webnode system is just great at teaching you how to use it, as well. Tutorial notes and directives will appear from time to time on an as-needed basis, but unlike the horrid PaperClip of Doom that bugs you every ten seconds, even when it’s not useful or appropriate (Hi! It looks like you’re trying to write a steamy letter to your girlfriend. Would you like some help with that?) the Webnode tutorial notes really do only show up as needed. Once cleared, they can be recalled by going to the help section. The whole system is based on drag and drop functionality, so it really is WYSIWYG in the most literal sense. Pick a template for an overall look, specify what generic pages you want created, and then edit them to your heart’s content. Once done, hit publish and POOF! your web site magically appears on the interwebs. This is as simple and easy as it gets, and given the price tag it’s a no-brainer to use Webnode for your personal or basic business page. Until next time, my friends!

Check out Webnode here.