Create and print customized calendars with Calme


Do you find actual physical paper calendars indispensible? Do you feel in control as you mark important events and appointment on an actual object placed prominently in your place of work (as opposed to on a tiny, small screen overloaded with features). If so, then read on.

Calme (Calendars made easy) is a free program that allows you to create calendars of all shapes and sizes, that you can subsequently print on paper. It provides a handful or pre-designed templates to choose from, in both ‘planner’ and ‘picture calendar’ styles, and allows for user customization and editing.

This program is extremely easy to use, and the pre-set templates very easy to customize.  Choose the calendar template you seek, and then customize various aspects of it from the sidebar (margins, image(s) used, font, colors, etc.)

Calme Screenshot4

The one feature worth noting is the fact that you can download custom holiday files for a handful of countries in order to automatically add holidays to your calendars. If you do not find one for your country or region, fear not, as the program will allow you to add your own manually.

Calme Screenshot1Calme Screenshot3

The verdict:

This program is not for everyone, as I imagine many users preferring to use digital rather than paper calendars. But for those who find actual printed paper more helpful and practical than screens might love this one (and now that we have wonderful, fast colored printers, why not take advantage of them).

You can, moreover, use Calme in conjunction with a program such as Rasterbator to create huge, poster-like calendars.

Go to the program home page to download (Windows).