Create and share 3D objects in your browser with 3DTin


3DTin is a great way to create 3D objects for both beginners and more intermediate designers. It features some very helpful video tutorials along with many pre-made examples, and a community of experienced users to help you get started right away.

3DTIn is a great little tool for creating, editing and managing 3D models. There are a few things that set it apart from many of the other, similar programs out there. For one thing, and this is a big thing, 3DTin is totally free to use, as long as you agree to a public license for your creations.

That makes it quite a good thing for beginners and even some of the more intermediate level folks out there who have an interest in 3D modeling. It means that there are a huge number of pre-made examples for you to view and learn from, right when you get started with 3DTIn. It also means that there are always new things being made and available.


The interface for 3DTin itself is quite user friendly. The buttons are large without wasting space so roaming the available options visually is not a headache. There are video tutorials built into the menu so you can learn to use the features effectively and quickly.

3DTin Screen 2

Within minutes you will start using the program and feel comfortable with the basics. The whole process of creating any object consists of using cubes to form a more complex shape overall. While it seems a bit daunting in text, it is quite easy and even fun to get the hang of once you start.

3DTin Screen 3

One of the coolest things about 3DTin is that it runs as an extension in Chrome. That means you don’t have to run a separate application, and you can have multiple projects going at one time, each in it’s own tab. Once you have created your object you can then store sketches of it in the cloud, for later access. Using 3DTin is very instructive and will give anyone a basic understanding of how 3D modeling works on the computer in general. While there are many things you might do with 3DTin, the most important and useful one is to have fun creating something and in that regard I found 3DTin to be a success. Until next time, my friends.

Get 3DTin at the Chrome Web Store here.