Create and share event-based photo galleries with Sharypic


Sharypic free is a website that allows you to create and share photo collections or galleries, based on events. It can be used for anything you can imagine, from birthday parties to business meetings to political summits.

Lots of places on the web allow you to create and share photo galleries. Things like Facebook and other social networking sites have had something of a stranglehold on the photo gallery arena for some time.

Then came sharing sites like Flickr that allowed us to focus solely on the photos without worrying so much about what the uploader had for lunch or how many other friends they have.

Sharypic steps into the arena with the idea of basing these photo galleries on events, and offering them as news on the web instead of just a link to a collection of photos.

Sharypic screenshot1

The basic design of Sharypic is pretty darn simple, and exceptionally user friendly. Once you sign up with a valid email address you can jump right in to making your first event. You’ll be given options to describe the event with a line of text, and other such settings before beginning to add photos.

Sharypic Screen 2Sharypic Screen 3

Adding the photos themselves is also very easy. You have a number of different options as to where you want to pull the pictures from. For this article, I chose to use some screenshots of Sharypic itself, and uploaded them from my computer. However, Sharypic also allows you to grab photos from other places like Facebook or Picasa. Whichever way you go, you can select all the photos at once and hit the ‘upload’ button to run it in a batch. This is handy for people like myself who like to find moments to grab another cup of baconated coffee while the process completes. Once your photos have been uploaded you’ve got a few different ways you can manipulate them.

Sharypic Screen 4Sharypic Screen 5

Foremost of those is the option to re-order or sequence them according to whatever design you have in mind. Whether it’s chronologically or grouped by background frame, it’s entirely up to you. Again, it is very simple and easy to do all of this. Sharypic has a point and click interface that is intuitive and should be very easy to pick up and master for anyone who has any experience on the web at all. That means, in theory, that even children could make and publish their own event based photo galleries.

Sharypic Screen 6Sharypic Screen 7

When all of the uploading and sorting and naming is done, you can then watch your gallery in a standard slideshow format. That’s all there is to creating you events. There is, however, more to Sharypic than just that. Sharypic also allows you to search, explore and view other galleries that have been made by other users. One of the neatest ways to do this is by location. You have the option to let Sharypic determine your geographical location, and then show you a listing of different galleries that were taken or uploaded near your area. This is a fun way to discover activities and social outlets in your area. There are not a ton of galleries in my area, yet, but since Sharypic is still young (even by internet standards) I expect that will change in the near future. In addition to geo-searches, you can also view different galleries based on how recent they are, as well as how popular they have been among other viewers.

Sharypic Screen 8Sharypic Screen 9

Sharypic also offers options to ‘shary’ your galleries or galleries you enjoyed by email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking methods. By allowing the events to be shared in this way, and by promoting them via popularity, location, and chronology, Sharypic effectively becomes a picture based newspaper. Imagine a newspaper where instead of huge blocks of type accompanied by a few photos, you have huge blocks of photos accompanied by a bit of type. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that’s truly the case then Sharypic has a whole lot to say. Give them a ‘listen’ and decide for yourself if this is a site for you. There is also, at this time, a Sharypic iOS app, but not an Android app as yet.

Until next time, my friends. [Thanks to reader Panzer for the tip about this service].

Check out Sharypic here.