Create animated Avatar GIFs from webcam images with PsykoGif


If your computer has a webcam and you would like to make creepy 6-frame animated GIF images quickly and easily, then read on.

PsykoGif is a small, free web app that will take successive snaps via your webcam and combine them together within an animated GIF (that can be useable as your avatar image for example).

Your animated creations can be saved locally on your hard drive or shared online on the generally embarrassing ‘wall of fame’.

This app from the same people who brought us previously mentioned PsykoPaint. Not much more to say about it, except that the 6 snaps per GIF, while fine and dandy if you want to take snapshots of an oversized head and create an avatar, is not really ideal for staging anything else in front of your webcam.

For more ambitious GIF animations you might want to check out our article on how to convert any video file to GIF.

Visit the PsykoGif website to check it out.