Create internet bookmarks as browser-independent files on your desktop with HTMtied


Ever wished you could manage your bookmarks on your desktop as files rather than within any particular browser you may be using? Ever wish you could have these bookmarks be browser independent, rather than associated with specific browsers, and that you could organize these within a browser independent folder structure?

If so, then HTMtied is for you. This free software can create browser independent bookmarks from URLs captured in the clipboard, and can also convert URL files from Internet Explorer and Firefox to the same.

How it works:

  • Place the HTMtied executable in an appropriate folder of your choosing (and/or create a shortcut for quick access to it). Next, copy a site URL into the clipboard (Ctrl+C), run HTMtied, then paste (Ctrl+V) into your desktop. A bookmark file will magically appear.
  • To convert an existing bookmark (from IE or Firefox), right click copy on the bookmark, run HTMtied, then past.

Wish list (or how this software can be even better):

  • Mass conversion: say, via dragging and dropping IE or Firefox bookmarks to the HTMtied executable.

The verdict: this is simply brilliant. Bookmarks equals information, and you should be able to manage your information anywhere (such as your notes app, your mind mapping software, or even your desktop folders). HTMtied makes this possible. It also makes possible the liberation of bookmarks so that they can be synced in the cloud with a service like Dropbox, and accessing them on a device.

Kudos to the developers for a great implementation of such a simple yet brilliant idea. )I am surprised I hadn’t seen something like this earlier_.

[Thanks go to reader Panzer for letting me know about this one]

Version tested: 1.0 (Build

Compatibility: Windows 7/Vista/XP (32 & 64 bit).

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx. 26K).