‘Social Media Image Maker’ makes it easy to create profile and cover images for Facebook and other social networks


Facebook cover photos (i.e. the large image that you open a Facebook profile) have become popular lately. If you’ve tried to add one you know that they have to be of specific sizes for the cover photos to look good.

And if you try to make one yourself, you will realize that its not as simple as it seems to get it right and with proper dimensions. This is true not just for the cover photo but for profile pictures on multiple social networks as well.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating optimized images for social media, try Social Media Image Maker, a free web service that allows users to create great-looking images for different social media websites quickly and easily. It works with Facebook, Twitter, Gravatar, Google+, Flickr, YouTube and many more.

Social Media Image Maker Screenshot1

How it works:

Scroll down the page and the various social services will appear in the sidebar. What is nice about the interface is that it for each web service it displays a kind of mockup that illustrates where your image will be displayed on the site itself as well as the appropriate size (see screenshots above for an example).

To create the image, simple click on the Create button under the image type you want to create. You can either drag and drop the image in your browse or simply browse the file you want to use as your image.

Cover Photo Facebook 1

After uploading the image, you will be presented with a bunch of options that allow for rotating and flipping the image. Click on Apply when done.

Cover Photo Maker 1

Next you will be presented with the options to add effects to the images, crop images and more. Once done, you can simply download the image to your computer and use it on the specific social network you want.

Facebook Cover Effects

In Conclusion

This service is very nicely designed, is easy to use, and is quite handy if you want to create your profile and cover images in few simple clicks.

There is room for improvement though, as you have to upload the same image again and again if you want to use it in multiple social networks. It would be nice if they somehow just kept it and let you reuse it at will, whether in the same session or long term by allowing registrations and logins, etc.

Try it and let us know what you think.

Go here to get started.