Create simple comparison tables with HTML or CSS with CompareNinja


Do you have a point or a message to communicate? Do you want people to compare different facets or features of an issue or topic? If so, what you may need is to make your point visually, with a table.

CompareNinja is a free web site that will allow you to make simple visual comparison graphs or tables quickly and very easily. The tables are HTML/CSS based and can be published on a blog or shared with major social sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

It has often been my argument that Ninjas are greater than Pirates. While this has earned me a number of interesting epithets it has remained my opinion. CompareNinja, therefore, is a program I was automatically interested in just for the name if nothing else.

Any program that acts as a ninja in some way or another is something I would like to take a look at. After testing it, I have to say I like it and while I’m not sure exactly how it resembles a ninja even in a symbolic or poetic sense, it certainly does the job it promises and does it well.

CompareNinja Screenshot

CompareNinja creates comparison tables based on your input that work on a very basic system, and one you are probably very familiar with if you spend any significant time on the web. When you go to download a free version of a program and they show you that comparison table that shows all the different features and benefits that buying the retail version will give you. Usually there’s a free version along with two different levels of paid version.

CompareNinja Screen 2CompareNinja Screen 3

These tables are not just for information purposes, however. There’s a small but growing community of people who enjoy making these tables as entertainment, comparing things you might not expect. One of the features of creating a free account (requires nothing but an email and password) is that you will be able to post and share tables you have made that you think are useful, interesting or entertaining in some way. There are already a ton of them out there, particularly joke and spoof tables, that you will be able to view once you have created your account, as well.

CompareNinja Screen 4CompareNinja Screen 5CompareNinja Screen 6

The process of using CompareNinja is quite simple, so easy to use that I daresay a young child could accomplish it with a bit of prompting so any adult with a modicum of computer knowledge will have very little, if any, difficulty with the steps. You can add columns and rows, and label them as you like. Each intersecting field can be filled with a check mark, an X or a half moon (which I would probably use for non applicable feature intersections). You can edit each field simply by clicking on it and then choosing what you want the field to show, or typing text into the field. The process is very simple and fast, without bugs or adverts that smack you in the face either. Once created, you will get HTML and CSS codes for your table, and you will also be able to share it via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ if you should so desire. The code is only useful if you know what to do with it, but most social sites offer an option to insert HTML or CSS code somewhere so odds are you’re already familiar with the process.

CompareNinja Screen 8CompareNinja Screen 9

Given that CompareNinja is so easy to use, fast and lacking in adverts to annoy you, I have to put it on the top of my list for ways to create simple but good-looking comparison tables for HTML or CSS. It’s a very particular tool for a particular purpose, and it’s quite good at what it does. Perhaps that is why it is called ‘ninja’ or perhaps not, but if you have need of a free, fast way to make a comparison table for any page you’re working on, I would definitely recommend CompareNinja to begin with. If it turns out not to be complex enough for you, you can always do another search and find something that has more options. I’m wondering if there’s a good comedy comparison I could make that hasn’t been done already, there are so many good ones out there. Until next time, my friends.

Check out CompareNinja here.