Crop unwanted elements out of images automagically with Seam Carving GUI


You may heave heard of ‘Seam Carving’, also called ‘content aware’ or ‘liquid’ resizing, a technology that can reduce, extend, and even crop elements out of images while keeping it visually plausible and/or cohesive to the human eye (more info here).

Seam Carving GUI is a free program that can perform content aware resizing on your images quickly and easily. You can use Steam Carving GUI to remove objects in your image literally by paintings them out of the picture before resizing (see screenshots above).

Seam Carving GUI is a front-end for open source content aware software CAIR.

Content aware resizing is one of those technologies that may be most applicable to handheld devices and small screens, but if you need to do some quick cropping or resizing without creating images that don’t make any visual sense, then check out Seam Carving GUI.

Seam Carving GUI screenshot1Seam Carving GUI screenshot2Seam Carving GUI screenshot3

How to use: simple change the resize dimensions in the bottom right. You will have to enter values for both the width and height, obviously (this is not a normal resize where you might only think of one of the two coordinates; you are changing the aspect ration by definition). If you would like to remove visual elements, click on the ‘mark area for removal’ or ‘mark area for retaining’ and paint the relevant parts of your image, then do the resizing.

Note: if your image is too big to fit into the display area, you can zoom in or out of it using the ‘view’

The verdict: if you’re an absolute beginner when it comes to image manipulation you will like this simple tool because it can quickly resize or crop out unwanted visual elements while producing something that makes sense visually.

If you are a sophisticated image manipulation guru, on the other and, then you might really be able put this tool to good use, at least as a precursor for more refined edits afterwards with a bitmap editing software.

For the rest of us average users, Seam Carving GUI may be worth downloading just to experiment and play it. You will probably not be disappointed.

Version tested: 1.11 (Seam Carving GUI) using CAIR 2.19

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

Go to the program home page to download (~7.32 megs).