‘Cross Stitch Casper’: a free point and click adventure with a dark storyline


Do you like point and click adventure games? Do you like casual games that do not require a huge time commitment? If so, then you will probably like ‘Cross Stitch Casper’, a free game that can be completed in a couple of hours.

‘Cross Stitch Casper’ employs an idiosyncratic, artistic visual style where the game world and environment look like they are completely made up of embroidered cloth. It is a story-driven game, as most point and shoot games are, but be forewarned that the storyline has a dark, sinister ending, which seems rather unfairly foisted on the plot without the player being able to do much to influence it. (An ending which may be a little disturbing to small children, so you may not want to give this to your eight year old to play). It works on both Windows and Mac.

Cross and Stitch Casper Screenshot2

The storyline is something like this: you start off as Casper, a little boy who lives on a ranch somewhere in the lawless wild west, it seems, with his cranky old alcoholic of a dad and a mother who is buried in the back yard. However, you also have your grandmother, Nana, who the player will (strangely) end up controlling for a while. The dad seems to have gotten into trouble, accruing gambling debts owed to the town’s equivalent of gangster boss.

The game dynamics will be familiar to anyone who has ever played a point and click adventure: walk around and examine everything (by right clicking on it), and use various objects to solve puzzles/problems. Quite self explanatory and overall not very hard.

Cross and Stitch Casper Screenshot1Cross and Stitch Casper Screenshot3

Overall, ‘Cross Stitch Casper’ is an excellent effort. While the game was made using ‘Adventure Game Studio‘ engine, the visual theme, that of the cross-stitched embroidery is very appealing and artistic (and in fact is an element that I personally like most about the game). The story which unfolds turns too dark too quick to me, but perhaps I simply prefer happy endings. Regardless, a great way to spend a couple of hours and feel something as you are doing so.

Gohere to download  ‘Cross Stitch Casper’ (Windows, Mac).