Cube is an impressive Google Maps “toy”


I’m always amazed as to the kinds of applications game developers can come up for Google Maps, and this game is a great example.

Cube takes real-life maps from Google Maps and uses these to model playable levels. For each level, you are assigned a task which involves transporting a ball-like object to a target or targets within the game environment.

This game apparently aims to spread awareness about certain aspect of Google Maps, which it explores through different levels.

And while Cube looks and feels great, it is not really much of a game: the levels are all reminiscent of the “ball and hole” games on the iPhone or iPad, without the gratification of the gravity/tilt controls that works so well on those devices.

Cube Screenshot1Cube Screenshot2

Still, Cube is enough of a technical achievement to warrant that you check it out and show it to friends. Just don’t expect hours of engaging gameplay.

Check out Cube.