Customize Your Facebook Background With Facebook Background Changer


Tired of the same old Facebook look? Well here is your chance to give it a more personalized feel by using the Facebook Background Changer! You can add pictures from your computer or just use the URL of a picture uploaded anywhere on the internet to use as your Facebook background.

‘Facebook Background Changer’ is a free extension for Chrome.

Facebook Background Changer 7

To get started, just install Facebook Background Changer from the Chrome Web Store and when you login into Facebook you will notice that there’s a background in place. The extension gives you the option to change background on the top bar right next to your name. Just click on the change background and this will take you to a new page where you get the option to change backgrounds.


On the right you will see two buttons, one for “picture from URL” and the other “Upload picture” and you can use them to add any picture you want whether it’s on your PC or some website. You can even drag and drop the picture saved from your computer as well.


There’s also an option to change the opacity of your Facebook page and the best maximum size supported for pictures is 1600 x 1400. So it is better to make sure your pictures are resized before you decide to use them as your Facebook background.


You can even add image effects to your Facebook background like Grayscale, Sepia and Hue.

The Verdict

Finally, you can get rid of the boring native background and add your own personal touch to it.The only problem I had was in uploading pictures, as you have to drag pictures from your Computer and drop them in order to upload. This was a bit irritating as it would have been better to have the usual dialogue box similar to the Facebook upload.

Nevertheless it’s free (although you could pay for premium backgrounds if you want them). Other than that, it’s a handy extension for all those users who are looking for a way to customize the look of their Facebook page.  Feel free to leave comments!

Download Facebook Background Changer (Google Chrome).