Da Blob


Da Blob is an action/puzzle game set in a beautiful 3D environment. Your objective in this ball-rolling game is to bring color back into the city of Utrecht while avoiding the meanies that are out to get you.

The storyline is as follows: you are a large Blob from outer space that has somehow ended up in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Strangely, the city is monochromatic and bland, while all the inhabitants seem to be saturated with color. Your job is to squash the city’s citizens, absord thier color(s) and then bump into the city’s colorless buildings to bring color back into them.

But wait!! There’s also the mean black “Ink” secret agent type baddies that you have to avoid. A run-in with one of these will turn you all black, which will necessitate a quick dip into a river or pool for cleanup before you can resume your mission (and undo any black colorization damage that you may have inadvertently caused by bumping into buildings in your black state).

Oh, and lest I forget, there are 50 special ‘landmark’ buildings that have to be colored as well. These add an interesting element to the game, and you have to use just the right color for each one of this, which will usually involve some mixing (e.g. squash a red and a yellow citizen in succession to get orange).

This is the kind of free game that raises eyebrows: very original, has amazing 3D visuals, and features a unique control system. The only problem with it is that although it is fun to play, it is so massive that your goal seems pretty much unattainable. Finishing the game will take a lot of time and energy but oddly there is is no save-game option. Because of this the game’s longevity is somewhat diminished.

This game is simply cool, if not the greatest game in the world. Give it a try If you fancy a quick diversion and some hilarious fun.

Compatibility: Win98 or newer. 1.5 ghz or better, 512megs memory, 128megs or better 3D card.

Click here to download English version (97 megs). The program home page (in dutch).