Dad’n Me!


Dad’n Me is a free beat-em-up side scrolling flash game where (you), the protagonist, set out to be the neighborhood bully, backed up by your father, bully-senior. (No it has nothing to do with the Bush family).

Not sure what to say about this that’s not said in the description…

  • It’s got very cute visuals and big playable levels.
  • It’s very well made, with obvious attention to detail.
  • It’s a very quick game to get in and out of; no long-term commitment required.
  • Employs the beat-em-up staple: combination of buttons/arrow keys will generate special moves.
  • It’s browser based (although you could download it to your hard drive using a program like Movie Extractor Scout Scout Lite).
  • It’s 100% free


Compatibility: Flash-enabled browser (platform independent, plays in browser).

Go here to play; click on the “Play this game” link.