dateintrayDateInTray installs a small icon in the system tray that displays the day of the month; also displays a quick popup calendar when clicked.

Let’s have a quick show of hands: how many times a day do you place your mouse pointer over the time display in the lower right hand corner in order to get a quick reminder of today’s date?

dateintray2I know I’m constantly doing this, and if this describes you you might be interested in DateInTray, a program whose main function is simply to place an icon in the system tray that displays the current day of the month. The day is displayed as a single number (so just ’12’ rather than Oct 12). It also has two other little functions as well:

(1) Double click on the day icon to prompt a display a quick monthly calendar. The nice thing about this is that it remains open until you choose to close it manually.

(2) Right click and select ’paste date to clipboard’ to copy today’s date to the clipboard.

A free, small app (about 900K in memory) that performs a simple yet potentially useful function. Recommended.

Version tested: 1.5

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the download page to get the latest version (approx 112K); also visit the program page.