Deleket icons on deviantART: download outstanding free icon packs


Deleket’s icon gallery on deviantART features multiple, freely downloadable icon packs provided for free download under the Creative Commons license.

I am always looking for high quality free icons, mostly for use on my hard drive as custom folder or file icons, and when I stumbled upon this guy’s profile on deviantART I was blown away.

Its not just that the quality of icons is outstanding, but this designer’s prolific output is quite an achievement: I counted thirty icon packs displayed across two gallery pages (with more surely to come soon). More notes on these:

  • License: these icons are released under the Creative Commons license, which is to say that they are freely downloadable, and you are able to “copy, distribute and transmit” them, but have to attribute them to the author. You are able to use the icons for non-commercial projects but are not allowed to alter them.
  • Formats: most of these packs contain icons are made available in PNG and ICO formats, and some also contain Mac ICNS format. There are exceptions such as the Mobile wallpaper pack that is simply JPGs.
  • Sizes: run the whole gamut: 16×16, 24×24, 32,×32, 48×48, 64×64, 72×72, 96×96, 128×128, and even 256×256.

Ok here’s my top five six favorite Deleket icon packs:

  1. 2-3D_Cartoon_Icons_Pack_III_by_deleket1-Folder_Icons_Pack_by_deleketFolder Icon Pack
  2. 3D Cartoon Icons Pack III
  3. Orb Icons Pack
  4. Button Icons Pack
  5. 3-Orb_Icons_Pack_by_deleket4-Button_Icons_Pack_by_deleketScrap Icons
  6. Mobile Wallpapers. These last ones are wallpapers for mobile phones, not icons, but are really cool.

Some tips: (a) If you want to transform any collection of icons into an icon library(.DLL or ICL) BeCyIconGrabber is a good freeware program that can do it;  (b) Stylefolder is a good freeware program that can change folder icons from within the right-click context menu.

The verdict: wonderful stuff — Nuff said!

Go to Deleket’s gallery page on deviantART.