Delete files off you PC securely and permanently, with Eraser


If you’ve ever run a data recovery program, you know that even the files you deleted and thought were gone forever get recovered. While this may be good news if you want something back, it is not good news if you had deliberately deleted sensitive files.

In such situations, people want their files to be permanently deleted from their computers, and to eliminate the possibility that their sensitive files could be purposely or accidentally salvaged later on. For this, there are various applications that let you delete and then “re-delete” files off the hard drive. One of the best such free ‘permanent deletion’ apps is called Eraser, and it offers multiple permanent erasure techniques.

Eraser is a freeware application for Windows that can securely delete data off your hard drive permanently. There are many ways to delete data permanently, and once you launch Eraser you can go to the settings and choose the method, if you like, but you can also add Eraser to the Windows’ right click menu and you can choose the option forcibly unlock any locked files that you are trying to delete permanently (both very convenient options!).


Scheduled tasks:

An interesting option that Eraser offers is user-scheduled deletion of files and folders. To add a ‘cleaning’ task, enter the Erase Schedule and add a task. In this step, you can add any one of the many supported erasure techniques. You then select whether you want to delete a file, a folder, contents of the Recycle Bin, or simply wipe the unused disk space on one of your drives. You can set the task to be run manually or you can schedule it to run once at a specific time or repeatedly at a specific time.


When the task has been added to the queue, you can right click on it to initiate it and data will be wiped clean according to your preferences.


In conclusion:

The mother of all permanent-deletion apps, Eraser is simple and effective. It offers multiple erasure techniques to choose from, is really easy to use, and can safely delete private and confidential files permanently without any trouble whatsoever. We especially like the option to integrate it into the Windows context menu. If you use Eraser, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

Download Eraser (Windows)