Desk Drive: get automatic drive/media shortcuts on your desktop


Desk Drive is a free program that adds automatic shortcuts on the desktop to flash drives and other media when you plug them in, and removes these shortcuts automatically when the drives are unplugged.

Supported media include (CD’s/DVD’s, removable drives, fixed drives, networked and RAM drives).

The idea behind this rather original program is to spare you the need to go hunting in “My computer” for a flash drive’s letter number in order to access it when you need it, but rather magically make a shortcut to it appear on the desktop when it is plugged in, and disappear when the drive is unplugged.

Honestly this should have been an option in Windows.

The not-so-good news: this program takes up 18 megs in memory, which is surely a lot for this kind of program (and requires MS .NET Framework v2). Also, I’m not sure why but this program did not work on my work computer, but worked just fine on my laptop at home; could it be because I have .NET v3.5 at work? Lastly, I would have liked the option to make the tray icon not be shown.

The verdict: while it might use up a good chunk of memory this is an original, interesting program that could be very useful to some users. You will simply have to weight the cost/benefit: the extent of practical usefulness you foresee vs. whether your computer has the memory to spare.

Version Tested: 1.0

Compatibility: Windows XP; no info on Vista. Requires .NET 2.0 Framework.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 500K).