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DivXMachine Shell Integrated (DMSI for short) is a free program that can convert images, audio files and videos across multiple formats straight from the Windows Explorer context menu.

Two things that make this program unique (a) all operations are done straight from the context menu; it does not have an user interface, and (b) it handles images, audio files, as well as videos. You can enable/disable file types, as for example to enable image and audio conversions only but not video.

Here are some notes on this program:

User interface: DMSI is built such that all decisions you need to make when converting a media file are streamlined into the context menu. It works really well; all you need to do is follow the unfolding ’tree’ of choices all the way to the end (see screenshot).

DMSI image conversion screenshotDMSI video conversion screenshot







  • Mux/Demux: i.e. add or extract an audio track to a video file. You can Demux AVI, OGM, and MKV container formats and mux AVI with up to 2 audio files.
  • Batch encoding: you can perform operations on multiple files by selecting them simultaneously then performing the operation via the context menu. Note that all selected files have to be of the same type (i.e. all of them images, videos, or audio files) and that there will be a singel output format for all selected files.
  • Tools and codecs: DMSI will install all the different third party tools and codecs that it needs in order to perform all of its operations.
  • Advanced options: you can add/enable AviSynth filters to tweak your video output (this is extremely easy to do, just go to the AviSynth tab in the settings and click to enable the filters/options you want and change each of their values).
  • Menu Editor: you can create your own context menu if you want, or edit the existing menu. I suppose this could be useful, as an example, if you want to add a standard “Ipod” video conversion option that contains your preferred Ipod video settings. Note that I spent very little time with this, but my impression is that it is rather user friendly. You can copy existing menus and customize them.
  • CLIMachine: is a command line interface tool included in the DMSI installation that you can use to perform operations; there are a lot of scripts available that you can use to construct a batch script. I have NOT tested this myself.
  • Supported Video formats: AVI, OGM, MKV, MPEG, VOB (input only) and RV9 (output only). Supported Codecs DIVX, XVID, and RV9 (output for RV9 container); or any that you have the directshow filter for on your computer.
  • Supported Audio formats: MPA, MP3, OGG, WAV, MPC, WMA, (input only: AC3 and MP2), also outputs RA for RV9 video containers.
  • Supported image formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TGA, (input only: PCX, ICO).

This program works well. I am especially excited about the right-click audio and image conversions (the latter support resolution (pixel or %), rotation, flip, and setting compression quality for jpegs). Video conversions also work very well, although I wish it supported a “same as original” option for bitrate instead of requiring user input. The version I tested contained some bugs but these will surely be ironed out in time (for example, I selected a custom width/custom bitrate video conversion, then canceled out when prompted to enter values, which created a bit of a mess). Processing seemed to be generally efficient and quick.

Ever since DBPowerAMP became shareware I’ve been looking for a free audio converter that worked straight from the context menu; DMSI goes one better and allows for video and image conversions as well as other operations.

Version tested: 1.06

Compatibility: WinAll (supports VISTA).

Download v1.0.6.4 here (approx 20.1 megs). Check out the FAQ page; also visit the program home page.

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