DNS Jumper: easy DNS switcher with IPv6 support


Want to switch your DNS on your PC quickly and Easily? How about Switching from IPv4 and IPv6 interchangeably, and being able to backup and restore DNS settings (and categorize them in groups), and checking multiple response times to find the fastest DNS IPs, or even flushing the DNS cache?

DNS Jumper is a small Windows freeware that does all of the above. It is portable software and comes with command line support as well.

I am not going to say too much about this software, for this reason: those who are technically savvy are probably already interested in checking this software out, while those who do not know what DNS is should probably not bother with this at all. This leaves out a middle group (and I count myself among them) who know what DNS is but unsure of how this program can be useful to them. If you are wondering the same, I have a three pronged answer:

DNS Jumper Screenshot

  • DNS Jumper can search and find the fastest public DNS for your location (i.e. a faster internet for you).
  • DNS Jumper can switch to IPv6 addresses as well as IPv4. Apparently, the world is running out of IPv4 addresses, and IPv6 can enable you to assign an IP address to every device that you own, rather than to have to route/configure the one IPv4 address at your location to each one.
  • DNS Jumper can enable you to easily switch back and forth across secure DNS’s or ones that filter out inappropriate sites – at the click of a button. (Or just use DNS Jumper’s sister software, previously mentioned DNS Angel.

Would love to hear your guys’ comments on DNS Jumper, IPv6, and whatever comes to mind.

Get DNS Jumper here.