Documeron is a small memory-resident program that keeps track of all the files and documents you access at any time in order to enable you to find and/or locate these later on. It provides a number of functions such as filtering by date and type and tracking of deleted or moved documents.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you where working on a file but cannot remember what the file name is and/or cannot remember where you saved it? For myself I work with so many files and/or create different file variations that sometimes when I come to work Monday morning I have no recollection of exactly which files I was working on before the weekend.

Which is why I am so excited about this program. Here’s a list of some of the notable features this program has to offer:

  • Documeron resides in the system tray for easy access. Hovering over the system tray icon provides a quick glimpse of the files accessed for the view period defined.
  • The program will display documents accessed for the current date by default. This can be changed to show a custom period and/or a group of selected dates.
  • Documeron will automatically create a different tab for each type of files accessed in the main dialog. Alternately, you can tell it to list all files in a single tab, and not classify by type.
  • You can perform all sorts of filtering/sorting operations on the list of files (by size, foldername, access date, date created, date modified) in order to better help you locate the file you are looking for. Can also export lists.
  • Password protection: Documeron offers the option of requiring entry of a password to access it, in case you wanted to keep this information private.

Despite offering a lot of features, I nonetheless do have a wish list for this program:

  • The ability to clear entries individually from both the system tray window and the main page (would be useful in the case of moved or deleted files which you do not which to keep track of). Strangely, this is not currently supported.
  • The ability to use a mask or filter file-types which I might not want to be tracked. For example, I might not want to track all the mp3s that my music player is playing and should be able to tell Documetron to gloss over these.

You can think of Documeron as a glorified ’My Recent Documents’ with database functions, which is exactly what it is. For those of us who need this sort of program (and I count myself in this category), I can report that this is a very well implemented and well designed program that does the job very well (and is free to boot).

Version tested: 2.1

Compatibility: Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/2003/Vista.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx. 867 KB).