Download desktop skins, launchers, and widgets with ‘RainMeter Skins Gallery’


RainMeter, to quote our original review of it, is “one of the most powerful free desktop customization and widget engines on the Windows platform”.

This software has matured since we wrote about it more than a year ago, with more and more user-generated skins, tools, and tweaks.

The ‘RainMeter Skins Gallery’ is exactly what sounds like, a gallery of some of the best and/or most interesting RainMeter downloads.

It comes in two flavors: a web page, which displays the skins and widgets as thumbnails, as well as a local download, which displays thumbnails on your desktop.

Some notes:

  • You will need to have RainMeter installed in order to use the skins/widgets from the skins gallery. Go here to get RainMeter.
  • Although in many ncases each thumbnail in the skins gallery represents desktop elements that are grouped together as a ‘skin’, in reality you can mix and match, activating and deactivating disparate elements as you please.
  • Some of the downloads contain individual widgets and/or launchers, and not a group of objects.
  • You will need to be online in order to view the gallery, even when using the executable desktop version.

[Thanks go to reader Panzer for the tip about this resource]

View the ‘RainMeter Skins Gallery’ online, or click on the ‘download gallery’ tab to download the desktop version.