Download Instagram photos easily with Free Instagram Downloader


If you want a quick and easy way to download your Instagram pictures or even those of your friends, then check out  ‘Free Instagram Downloader’, a free program that can download Instagram photos with a few simple clicks.


As the name suggests, Instagram Downloader allows users to download photos from instagram user’s profiles.

All you have to do is to enter the username of the person and the application will do the rest. It will gather all the photos of that user and allow you to easily save them to your PC.


How to Use?

Downloading photos from Instagram was never this simple. Just download Free Instagram Download and install it on your PC. Before using this software, please make sure that the the privacy option in Instagram is not enabled, otherwise this downloader will not work properly. After the installation is complete, just run the application and click “Input User Name”. Next you will be asked to enter your Instagram username from which you want to download the photos from.


After scanning, the application will show the photos uploaded by that user as shown below. You can either select the photos you wan to download, or open them in your web browser.


You also get the option of exporting all the web addresses of the photos, which if you want to give the photos to a friend can save you a lot of time as you can just give him a file containing the URLs

The Verdict

Free Instagram Downloader is simple and straightforward and does the job well. It can be really useful for those users who use Instagram regularly (and friends who might want their pictures).  Have you ever used this or anther Instagram Downloader? If so, share you opinion using the comments section below.

Download Free Instagram Downloader (Windows).