Download mp3s and automatically add them to Itunes with Tunestor


Tunestor is an extension for IE and Firefox that allows for downloading MP3s and adding them to your Itunes library in one fell swoop from the browser context menu.

This browser extension aims to condense what would typically involve 4 different steps into a single, simple right-click command.

While normally you would need to (1) click to download an audio file, (2) select the location to save the file, (3) start ITunes, and (4) manually add the file to the Itunes Library, with Tunestor you would simply right-click on the mp3 download link in the browser and select “download directly to Itunes”.

What I like about this is the convenience of knowing that I can download something then find it in the music library when I open Itunes, ready to be synched with my Iphone.

Here are some notes on this program:

  • Tunestor downloads files to the “My Music” directory by default. While this is probably a good choice, it would be better if it enabled you to change the default download directory in case the user prefers another location. Come to think of it, having the ability to optionally introduce a “save as” dialog to choose the save folder would also be good (albeit it would add a step).
  • Tunestor is affiliated with TuneStory, a brand new free “social music discovery & download” site. On install it will ask you whether to enable sharing of your download links on TuneStory. It promises to be both secure and anonymous, but if you would rather this app not telegraph this information make sure to uncheck this in the install process. (I accepted to see what happens and sure enough my track that I downloaded to test this program with showed up on the Tunestory website, available for download in 2 clicks).
  • Aside from the “download directly to Itunes” right click entry, Tunestor also installs a “ Hit List” context menu command. I’m not sure what that does exactly and wasn’t able to find info on it on the site; I thought it might send download link info to Tunestor but it did not seem to do that when I clicked it.

Version tested: 1.5

Compatibility: Windows 98/2000/Me/XP/2003 (no info on Vista); MS Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher / Firefox 1.5 or higher; iTunes 4.7 or higher.

Go to the Tunestor home page to download. .