Dragdis: a read (or watch) it later service that you should check out


Dragdis is a web-clipping tool of sorts that can save browser items (clips, bookmarks, images, and videos) and organize them in virtual folders.

It is a familiar concept that we’ve seen before in many guises, and Dragdis has some formidable, well known competitors (Pocket, Instapaper, Springpad, Evernote, Kippt, and others) but it deserves a look if only for the great user experience it provides (especially true when it comes to collecting images and videos).

What is appealing is the way you literally ‘drag’ items in your browser, which instantly prompt a sidebar of virtual folders to appear, that you can use to store your item. The metro-style interface is also nice.

Dragdis Screenshot

The video below shows Dragdis in action.

The verdict:

You want your information with you constantly; in your browser, in your mobile, in your dreams, right? Wrong.

Or at least, you don’t necessarily want it all the time. Sometimes you just want to create a playlist of videos that you want to watch later without keeping them forever, or grab some images that you want to keep, or clip things that you want to do something with in the near future, not tag and annotate and keep in a huge database.

(Having said this, note that Dragdis does in fact allow tagging, and if I were a betting man I would bet on mobile apps coming out very soon).

Two more notable things: video playlists, created with Dragdis  look really nice. And if you are keen on storing images, you can simply drag them in full resolution to your Dragdis virtual folders for later viewing. It can even provide a shortened URL for sharing (although note that you will still be accessing it on the original server; it is not actually copied anywhere).

I will make two recommendations, though: implementing thumbnails for pictures and URLS (as they are for videos) is one. The other: using Dropbox to save your images, videos, notes that you clip in the cloud (the actual files, not the URLS). This may make Dragdis a must have software rather than a mere ‘me too’ read it later browser extension. Just my two cents.

Go here to get started with Dragdis (Chrome, Firefox, Opera).