DragTargets: easily copy or move files to frequently used folders


DragTargets is a free app designed to make it easy to drag and drop your files into frequently used folders.

Shortcuts to favorite folders (including folders on external drives) can be placed as buttons on a semi-transparent floating widget, and can be used to quickly move or copy files or access these folders.

Although I have a handful of folders designated for specific projects and topics, I notice that whenever I am working on something most of the files I am using invariably end up on the desktop.

If this is your experience as well (or indeed if you download a lot of files into the desktop and have to sort them out later) then you should check this program out.

What DragTargets does is allow you to set up your frequently used favorite folders as buttons in a floating desktop widget. You can then drag and drop your files to the appropriate folder in the DragTargets window to copy or move them to the right place, or simply click on the folder button to open the folder. More notes on this program below:

  • Copy or move: dragging files copies them by default; to move files instead check the little box next to the “stop” button.
  • Open folders: click on the folder button to open it in explorer
  • Portable: unzip and use, no install needed.
  • Memory use: about 7 megs, which is fairly small.

Wish list (or how this program can be a lot better)

  • Minimize to tray: essential, I think, for a program like this.
  • Show and hide by hotkey: would make it so much more useful.
  • The option to switch off semi-transparency

The verdict: a nice little program that can potentially be extremely useful. It can however be much improved with a few little tweaks though (see wish list above!).

Version Tested: 1.0

Compatibility: WinAll.

Click this link to download (approx 281K). Developer homepage here but does not provide any info. See this page for more info on this program.