Draw a picture and find similar images via reverse Google image search with “unoffical Google Image Search by Drawing”


If you’ve every had a picture in mind and wished that you could find a similar image on the web, then check out the aptly titled “unoffical Google Image Search by Drawing”.

This free tool lets you simply draw a very rough picture of the visual you are looking for and performs a reverse image search on it in Google Image Search. For artists, designers, illustrators, bloggers, or anyone who needs to express an idea with a picture, it could be a great time saver indeed.

How it works: draw a rough picture. Pick your color(s), and use a slider to enlarge or decrease the size of your brush. You could use your webcam to snap a picture, and In Chrome and Firefox, you could simply drag and drop an image from your desktop for reverse search or as a background or starting point to your drawing.

Google Image Search by Drawing Screenshot1

Does it work?: it might work fairly well for signs or symbols or simple line-type drawings. For more complex illustrations a text search may be the better option.

Examples: see the image above on the top of the post, and the one below. In the above illustration, I dragged a black and white image of a beach and added a figure that looks like a boat, just to see what the results might look like, which actually are very neat IMHO.

In the illustration below, I thought to myself “what if I wanted to find an illustration of a hand holding a heart”, so I drew that. You can see the results for yourself (my own drawing seems like it might be a better fit than all of the images in the search result).

Google Image Search by Drawing Screenshot2

[Thanks to user Panzer for letting us know about this one]

Go here to test it out.