Dungeon Party is madcap free MMO action that will make you smile


Do you enjoy MMOs? Do you love games that have an off the wall sense of humor? If so you’re going to love Dungeon Party, a free action MMO available on the Steam game network.

It’s full of well rendered, goofy characters, nonstop action and tons of special effects and eye candy and as a game on Steam you’re assured that it’s got plenty of other people to play with.

Dungeon Party is all about just what it sounds like, party time in a dungeon! What’s to do, party-wise in a dungeon? Get treasure, of course! The idea and goal is simple: Get the treasure before everyone else does! Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper dungeon at all if there weren’t aggressive monsters, nefarious traps and mazelike hallways galore so it’s fully stocked in that manner as well.


The graphics and the gameplay are the things that grab me first and best about Dungeon Party. The graphics have a campy, almost Clampett cartoonish feel to them with caricature faces for the inhabitants and players alike. They are smoothly animated and quite well designed and rendered so the craziness only pervades the theme, not the viewer. There are options available to change your character’s look as well as tons of options to progress in your chosen field but instead of going out of quests of the type so often seen in RPG style MMOs, you’ll be involved in team based, round style matches where everyone is trying to capture the treasure for their own team and therefore get the best cut.


The graphics are complimented by the fast pace of the game play. Within moments of finishing your download, you’ll be frantically fighting monsters off, trying to pass the opposing team’s players to get the best share of loot! There are a number of class choices, and more can be unlocked later, should you so choose. I used the wizard class for my test and I was impressed with how user friendly the tutorial was, as well as the rest of the system. It’s clearly had thought put into making it accessible for both gaming veterans and newcomers. The action itself is a bit reminiscent of League of Legends, in tempo and intensity. Many games of this kind suffer from a lack of decent preparation so the players find themselves thrown into the action with no idea of what to do. Fortunately, there’s a nifty solo training map that you can play before jumping into a live game with your friends that have already been playing for weeks so you won’t look like a complete tool.


I had a little bit of trouble with the camera once or twice, going around odd shaped corners but it was almost negligible. The only real downside I found to this particular game was that the action can get a bit repetitious after about thirty games or so, but that’s not such a horrible thing, as it can at least give you a chance and reason to get up and stretch your legs now and then! Overall, I found Dungeon Party to be fun and definitely worth checking out. Whether you get a weekend of enjoyment from it or it becomes your latest digital obsession, you’re sure to find something to make you smile in this one. Until next time, my friends!

  • Get Dungeon Party on Steam here