Earth Album: browse the globe in pictures with this mashup of Flickr and Google maps


Click on a world map to see images from all over the world using Earth Album, a free web service that is a mash-up of Flick and Google Maps.

Travel the world, see sights, become worldly and sophisticated.Yes, you can do all of this with Earth Album.

Though you may get a feeling that you’ve seen this sort of thing before (you have, see below), Earth Album manages to deliver a tremendous user experience, and truly a great way to explore the world for those who are interested or curious.

Some notes:

  • Click anywhere on the map to display images from that region/country/state. Zoom in to see more map detail.
  • Looking for a particular place or location? Use the provided search box. Works extremely well.
  • CoolIris Edition: if you have CoolIris isntalled (formerly Piclens, a terrific image-browsing enhancement for IE and Firefox), you’re going to want to check out the Earth Album CoolIris edition.

This site reminds me of a number of services that do similar things that were previously featured on Freewaregenius: Panoye, which offers panoramic images from all over the world, FlickrVision, which displays images as they are being uploaded from random places across the globle, and of course Google Earth a little bit, in that you can navigate a world map and zoom in and out to see pictures.

So, you might wonder, is there room for this mash up of maps and images? You bet. Just try it, it truly is pretty darn cool and extremely interesting!

Compatibility: Browser based.

Go to the Earth Album site.