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One of the most important things for anyone looking for a job is his/her resume, which generally speaking should be simple, highlight your strengths, be easy to understand and unique.

Creating resumes on Microsoft Word or a word processor can be a time consuming task to make it look good. If you want to save time and create professional resumes in minutes, give Resumesimo a try.

Resumesimo is a free online tool that allows users to create professional and unique resumes in minutes. It offers a set of templates to choose from, all you have to do is enter your data, step by step in a wizard-like process, and it will generate your resume for you.

Resumesimo 2 Info


To get started with Resumesimo, just open the webpage and click on Get Started button. The registration process is simple and easy. After you start the resume builder, It will ask you to choose a template for your resume from a list of templates. After selecting the template, just fill in your biography details, education and work history, skills and achievements, and any other thing which can catch the interest of the employer.

Once you are done with your resume, it will redirect you to Resumesimo dashboard from where you can download you resume, view it online in selected template or classic CV format, download job hunt ebook and edit your resume. One thing you should take care of while using Resumesimo is to hide your personal information. If you don’t know, after you create your resume, its available online publicly for everyone on the site. You can change the settings from your dashboard and select Hide everything.

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Resumesimo is a handy online utility for all those who are looking to create a unique and good looking resume with minimal effort. I tried the service and created my own resume; the contents were the same but the outcome was way better than the one I created using Microsoft Word. And the best thing about the service is that its totally free of charge.

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