Easily embed Flickr images into web pages with ImageCodr


If you run a blog or website and would like to feature images from Flickrs – and let’s agree that Flickr happens to host one of the largest collections of excellent online photography, you may have found it to be somewhat of a hassle to perform all the steps needed, from checking the license to see if you can actually post the material, and then getting the correct HTML code, and further going on to linking the image back to the original “Flickr” image and giving credits to the author.

Imagine doing this for 50 images. Tiresome!

With ImageCodr, this is a breeze. ImageCodr is an online tool that allows people to copy/paste Flickr image links into the given URL bar and have the website automatically generates an HTML code that not only automatically links back to the original image, but also links back to the author and gives a small and brief Creative Common’s license – all in a single step.


Using the website is pretty much easy; click on the “Get Code” link (found in top navigation bar) and paste the Flickr image URL link into the box. Next click on “Submit Query” and the website will generate a URL for you which automatically links back properly and displays the license agreement.

ImageCodr Screenshot2

The following is an example of an embedded Flickr Image:

There is one catch. If the Flickr image does not have a “Creative Commons” license, then the ImageCodr website cannot work. It has to have a CC license. Apart from this (which is not really a drawback but rather a service), the website is a time saver and really helps out a lot.

In Conclusion:

To sum it all up, ImageCodr saves a lot of time and the service is rendered for free. Not only do you get a nice, convenient HTML code to embed in your site, but the site could save you a lot of legal issues as well (such as getting a DMC from Google or so).

If you try Imagecodr, please share your opinion in the comments.

Check out ImageCodr.