Easily terminate visible applications and processes


Easily terminate visible applications and processes using RevoUninstaller.

Imagine that an application you are working with (let’s say its called “XYZ PDF Creator”) froze or stopped responding, leaving an open window on your desktop that refuses to be closed. Imagine further that you next pressed CTRL-ALT-DELETE and found that the task manager for some reason took a long time to open. When it finally did open you discover that the program you want to close is a process and not an application. After a few minutes of searching you are able to identify the offending process, but it took a bit of time because for some reason it is named “pdfcr” with no mention of XYZ in the name. Finally, you are able to end the process.

Sounds familiar? I experienced something similar to this recently where it was very difficult for me to locate the correct process to end from the list of processes. That’s when I remembered Revo Uninstaller’s hunter mode, which makes killing visible windows easy. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
launch Revo Uninstaller and click on Hunter Mode

Step 2:
Find the Hunter Mode floating icon on your desktop and drag it onto the window you would like to terminate.

Step 3:
Select “Kill Process” from the context menu.


Boom! That’s it. No need to go hunting processes down in the task manager.