Easy MediaInfo provides quick access to simplified media file info via right click


With media libraries growing exponentially on hard drives everywhere, and the proliferation of different video and audio formats, codecs, and devices etc; most users will find it very useful to be able to quickly find out the codec, resolution, bitrate, and other information pertaining to their media files.

Enter Easy MediaInfo, a free media-information lookup utility similar to ‘MediaInfo Lite’ that can also be accessed via the right click context menu.

The difference? Easy MediaInfo displays a more straightforward, simplified version of your file’s information that is more accessible for most people, with the option to add one more click and get the more detailed version if you like.

EasyMediaInfo Screenshot2

Why this program is cool:

  • I prefer it to the original MediaInfobecause that one is now bundled with the OpenCandy adware platform.
  • I prefer it to the aforementioned MediaInfo Lite because I prefer to see the simplfied info first, while still being able to see the more detailed file info (which incidentally looks exactly like MediaInfo Lite, down to the ‘save to text file’ option.

Version tested: 1.3

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. 32bit and 64 bit.

Get it here (~1.92 megs). Scroll down the page for English.