Edit iPhone Video and Create Short Movie Clips, with Adobe Videobite


Ever wished you could clip an iPhone video to focus in on the interesting parts (or remove the embarrassing ones?).

How about stringing different segments together to better tell a story? If so then read on.

If you search the App Store, you will come across a number of video editing apps, most of which are paid and/or not so easy to use.

Sure, you could download your video clips to the desktop and edit it there with free tools like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, or you could do it right then and there on your iOS device with Adobe Videobite, a very handy FREE iOS app that allows users to create short movies from video clips saved in your camera roll.

Videobite 1Videobite 6

Getting Started

First off, decide whether you want to use video clips from the videos saved in your camera , or otherwise, just tap on capture option to save new video from within the app. When you will play the video just tap on the heart icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to highlight the section of the you want to use in your video, and tap it again to stop highlighting. Do this in for all the clips that you want to use for your project, from any of the available videos.

After selecting videos, go to Arrange tab and re-arrange the clips in the way you want them to appear in the video.

Videobite 4Videobite 5

That’s pretty much it! You can easily save the resulting video on your iPhone or share it on Facebook with your Friends and Family right from inside the app itself.

The Verdict

A great on-device solution for OS users who want to create short movie clips by clipping and combining iPhone video clips. It’s a quick and dirty solution that opens a lot of possibilities for making a bigger whole out of your many videos that you may have on your device. The the fact that it doesn’t offer too many frills and, say, special effects or transitions makes it easy to understand and work with.

It has a very simple user interface and works with iOS 6. The best thing about the app is that it is totally free.

Download Adobe Videobite [iOS].