Engage in epic sci-fi battles online with other players, in AirMech


AirMech is a great browser based real time strategy game that combines elements of shooters and action games, bringing a new hybrid genre to light. It’s free to play and download from the Chrome Web Store, and it even has multiplayer options!

I like games (and other programs) that push the limits of any boundary. Whether it’s the taboo on gore or the limits of technical achievement, any game that pushes those boundaries is a success in my book. One such that I recently discovered is called AirMech, and it’s a great hybrid of real time strategy and action shooter genres along with a bit of tower defense thrown in.

Games that mix or cross genres have become all the rage lately and AirMech is an excellent, and free, example of that phenomenon. It’s available for free to download and play from the Chrome Web Store, and the installation itself is easy enough you will be playing within mere moments.


The gameplay in AirMech is fast and furious, without being so quick you can’t follow it. The controls are very simple and should feel natural to most PC gamers. The concept of real time strategy is introduced via bases that have to be conquered and headquarters that must be destroyed. Troops are given, and orders are yours to make. The first big difference comes in here, when you find out that you are not just a commander, but on the field yourself, represented by a transforming robot with some big guns and jets at its disposal. You’ll be leading the conflict from the front lines as you pilot your AirMech first as a robot, then transforming into a jet, and back to a robot, all as needed. You’ll be able to upgrade and improve your weapons and armor and skills along the way, as you designate troop movements and try to pull off some daring tactics.

AirMech Screen 2AirMech Screen 3

This game is pretty exceptional, from my point of view. The graphics are sharp enough to provide a good view of the battle, without hogging your resources. The action is paced well, not letting you rest but not overwhelming you. It’s all very well balanced. Even the instructions are simple and easy, anyone who can read English/American should have no problem with them. This is a quality game, at no cost, and that puts it at the top of my play list.

AirMech Screen 5

The fact that you get to take control of a unit on the field directly, and that this unit is so important and integral to the battle effort, is unusual in this type of game. AirMech melds so many different gaming genres and conventions, and does it seamlessly, it’s truly a breathtaking work of art to those able to appreciate such things. Bottom line: This game was fun, from the first moment I loaded it to the last moment I was playing it. Anyone who enjoyed Robotech or other like shows as a kid (or an adult, for that matter) will probably get a kick out of this game. For those more in the realm of hard core gaming and competition, there is a pretty massive online community of players who would love to skirmish with you. As mentioned, the game is free, although they do offer some extras in the ‘store’ but none of those are required to compete and have fun. I found AirMech to be a very nice change from the standard and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys action, shooter, or RTS games. There are even some RPG elements and the online PvP is fun as well. AirMech has something to offer nearly anyone so go give it a try! Until next time, my friends!

Get AirMech totally free at the Chrome Web Store here.