ERUNT GUI: backup and restore your registry with a single click


ERUNT Gui is a free app that can backup and restore the Windows registry. It is a front-end for the well-known registry backup and restoration app ’ERUNT’ but serves to take the command line out of registry backups and replace it with a simple button (see screenshot).

It can also be used to setup automatic registry backups on each Windows restart.

The main reason you might want to backup your registry, of course, is as a safeguard against events that might mess up your registry (and, by extension, mess up your PC in general).

These could be unanticipated events, such as a malware attack, or otherwise you could backup your registry ahead of testing a program or programs that you are unsure of or that you anticipate problems with, etc.

This program makes registry backup (and restoration) a one-click affair. Here are a few other notes:

  • One click registry backup and restoration: takes a few seconds.
  • Backup current users or all users: defaults to current user, but “all users” possible
  • Portable version available: downloadable from the site, although strangely to get the portable version you have to run an installer that creates a portable version within a folder. Note: you will have to go into the “files” folder and find “ERUNTgui.exe”; the shortcut that you may find outside is broken and needs to be discarded.
  • ERUNT Gui Screenshot2- Auto backupAuto backup on every Windows restart (optional): you could set this up in the settings (see screenshot to the right). You can also set the number of days going back that you would like to preserve backups for.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7: although note that you will need to run the program with administrative privileges. You could do this either by right clicking “run as administrator” on the program executable or shortcut, or modify the program executable permanently (right click properties/compatibility and check “run this program as an administrator” at the bottom or the dialog).
  • Registry optimization: presumably undergoes a registry defragmentation (please correct me in the comments if I am wrong and it does something more). In any case I tested this but it took a long time and pretty much hung my system, forcing me to reboot. Please let me know in the comments section if you had a different experience.

The verdict: a great little backup. Ostensibly, it merely relieves users from having to use the command line interface in using ERUNT; in practice, however, ERUNT Gui in fact makes registry backups (and auto backups) accessible to a much wider audience than they would have been otherwise, to the hands of average users who can now easily protect their systems and guard against all sort of adverse events.

Version Tested: 1.2.5

Compatibility: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7

The program page no longer exists, but you can download ver. 1.5.0 of the program here.