ExoSee is a decentralized, community-based filesharing program that allows for both public file sharing with the community and private file sharing with specific members only. It also supports its own XOC protocol that allows users to post links on the web for direct downloading.

This program will allow you to select up to four ExoSee “communities” to participate in at any one time. These communities typically have a theme, such as music, ebooks, or general filesharing.The ExoSee protocol allows you to both share a specific folder/folders with the members of your selected communities, as well as download any files that these users are sharing.

I spent time inside some of these, browsing what people had on offer. It was mildly interesting but not much more; the value of these communities really depends on what the members are sharing, and whether or not ExoSee will ever achieve the “critical mass” that makes networks like Torrent or Gnutella successful remains to be seen.

If I had to I would guess that ExoSee communities will never take off in any significant way. If I am looking for a file I am a hundred times more likely to look for it (and find it) through Torrent or Gnutella P2P. Which is not to say that ExoSee isn’t potentially a great product; however, it is private sharing that I find way more exciting than the communities.

Private sharing: Picture this; your’re working on a project with a team of 4 people that is spread over 3 continents. You would like to share a number of large files that are constantly updated. Instead of uploading to online storage services like Divshare, or emailing files using services such as Pando, you could use ExoSee to privately share specific folders with all members. You also get the benefit of not having any limits on your file sizes, which is something that many filesharing services impose.

ExoSee works really well with excellent download speeds. The technology seems very robust and the client is pretty slick; try it and see if you like it.

Version tested: 1.0.0

Compatibility: WinAll.

The program page no longer exists, but you can download ver.1.0.0  of the program here.