Explore the wonders of the world with the ‘Google World Wonders Project’


Do you like to explore and visit new places, see new things but live on an average budget that doesn’t allow you to traipse off to the far corners of the world any time you want?

If so, the Google World Wonders Project might be just the think you have been looking for without knowing it. It lets you explore those far corners without leaving the comfort of your own home (or where ever you have your internet connection set up), and doesn’t cost a dime.

It delivers many of the world’s top attractions through a 360 degree virtual 3D view, as well as through videos and photography. If they do not feature a site you are interested do not fret: attractions are being added slowly but surely.


Many of us, when we were kids, thought of being an adult as the ultimate chance to do whatever we wanted. For some of us, that whatever was the chance to explore the world and see all the wonders on offer. The reality of life intrudes, however, and eventually most of us are forced to live a somewhat more provincial life than that of a famous explorer. Uncle Travelling Matt we may not be, but with the Internet and the cyberverse available, and the help of Google of course, we can now virtually go and see those wonders.


The Google World Wonders Project is a great web site that costs nothing to use and will be very useful for students as well as those who just have a love of discovery. The main section of the page will offer you a split view that can be organized to your desires, and features things like a widescreen view that is compatible with the standard Google maps point ‘n’ look interface. In fact, the whole site is closely linked to the Google maps database and therefore offers you other options to view your chosen exploration site with awesome 3D views and multiple photos that have the latest in tech attached (like go-tags and slide frames) all of which come together in a cohesive and exciting way to explore new places and learn about what the actual famous explorers out there are up to. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of remote and mysterious places to explore in the world, despite modern tech having made the globe a bit smaller in the sense of actual possibilities.

GWWP ScreenShot00008GWWP ScreenShot00007

The choices for what to view and/or explore might seem somewhat limited at first, especially when you select just one specific country but the fact is that it would take the average person more than a whole week to fully explore and experience everything on offer, and that’s without bathroom breaks. There are also links to multiple videos of exploration and a literal ton of written information about each site you might choose. Aside from the slightly limited number of destinations available (which is growing all the time) I didn’t really find any downsides to this site. It’s a real treat for those who enjoy seeing and learning about other places and cultures and I would highly recommend it for students as well, from geography to anthropology there’s something for everyone. Until next time, my friends.

  • Check out the Google World Wonders Project here.