Explorer Breadcrumbs


Explorer Breadcrumbs is a Windows Explorer add on that resides on the Windows Explorer toolbar.

It displays the hierarchy of folders that were navigated in order to arrive at the current folder location. For these, it also provides contextual navigation buttons that can be used to access all locations that are connected to them.

This is a very powerful navigational tool simply because it provides two dimensions that can be navigated: the horizontal “breadcrumb” structure that lead to the current folder, and then any one of these nodes/breadcrumbs can be navigated vertically, as it were.

The net result is that you have a lot of options to get to a lot of places really easily. (See screenshot).

explorer breadcrumbs2

This program is provided as donationware without time limits or constraints. If you like it and use it is suggested you pay for it.

Version tested: Compatibility: Windows XP; may work with other versions of Windows. Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 333K).

[Thanks to reader Durerca for telling me about this program].