Explorer7Fixes: add “sort-headers” and filters to all file view modes in Windows 7 file explorer


We’re all familiar with the column headers in Windows explorer “detailed” folder view, that can be clicked on to sort files, or right-clicked on for custom filtering.

In Windows 7, however, these controls are only available in the “details” view, and have been removed from all other view modes.And while this might be a good idea from a purely aesthetic point of view, it takes away functionality that can be very useful and practical.

If you miss and want this functionality back on all file views (and not just “details” view), Explorer7Fixes can provide it quickly and easily. File sorting and filtering can be made available across the board on all file view modes, and, moreover, it really doesn’t look bad at all.

Explorer7Fixes Screenshot2

The no “Sort-Header” issue in Explorer in Windows 7 came as a surprise to some users who wanted that functionality (In Vista, apparently, Microsoft made the sort-header visible in all view modes  only to remove it Windows 7, without providing a setting or registry key to bring it back). See more on this issue here.

This little tweak (called Explorer7Fixes in the plural, despite this being the single fix that it provides), can quickly add or remove sort headers in all file view modes in Windows 7. More on this below:


  • Run “install.bat” to install and “uninstall.bat” to remove. You may need to log off after or restart your system. If you are upgrading to a newer version of the tweak, uninstall first then log off or restart your system before applying the new version.

Here’s some illustrative screenshots:

Sort headers as they appear in “details” file view mode / default

sort-headers windows 7 details view

The screenshot below shows sort headers absent in other view modes (non-“details”)

sort-headers windows 7 all other views

The screenshot below shows sort headers as applied to all view modes (“details” and everything else)

sort-headers back in all views

The verdict: nothing much to give a verdict on; this little tweak works well if you’re looking for the functionality it provides.  What remains is for you to decide whether to try it or not, and where you stand on the form vs. function continuum!

Version Tested: v1.0.0.2

Compatibility: Windows 7 only.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 98K). Look for a “download” button on the top right once the page opens.