Extract and Compress Zipped Files on your iPhone, With iZip


There are times when you receive zipped archives in your email and if you are an iPhone user you may have been surprised that there is no default way of opening compressed files on your iDevice. However, thanks to iZip, a handy FREE app for iOS devices, users now can open compressed files on their devices as well as compressed files that are on their smartphone. You can even unzip and create password protected archives as well.

Getting Started

When you launch the app, you will be redirected to iZip dashboard where you will be shown 4 different options: Local Files, Camera Roll, iTunes Music and Dropbox (screenshot bottom left below). Under Local Files, it will show you all the zip files on your device. Camera Roll contains your picture library which you can easily zip and send it to anyone you want, and you can do the same with iTunes Music. The best feature is the Dropbox integration. Once authorized, you can add files from your Dropbox account and zip/unzip them.

izip dashboardIzip Extract Files

Extracting Files

When you open the file from your email app, it will ask you which app you want to open the specific file with. Just select iZip and it will show you the archive in the local files. Tap on the zipped file and it will ask you whether you want to extract all the files in the archive (screenshot above right). If you want to extract specific files, cancel this popup and select the files you want to extract.

If you want, you can even share the files from within the app using Email or upload it to your Dropbox account. Images can be directly uploaded on Facebook from within the app as well.

iZip SaveiZip 1

Compressing Files and Folders

To compress files or folders, just select the folder from the local files menu and tap on the Zip button. If you want, you can even select pictures and music that are saved on your device as well and compress them. Later these compressed files can be shared as well.

izip extrct iZip Compress

You can set a zip password if you like; you can even set up a universal password in that will always be used.

In Conclusion

A nice, potentially very useful app in so many ways that brings ZIP support to iOS. One thing that really annoyed me, though, is the over the top way it keeps showing you popups about upgrading to pro version if you like the app. But with support for both extraction and creation of compressed archives and Dropbox integration to boot, I am willing to live with these messages.

Did you try iZip on your iPhone or iPad? If yes, please share you views.

Download iZip.