Factory Pinball


Factory Pinball is a 2D pinball game that uses ragdoll human/animal figures instead of a ball. It it is also thoroughly editable using the downloadable editor.

The first thing you will notice when running this game is the conspicuous absense of the customary pinball ball, replaced by a human figure gruesomely flailing about the screen.

The second thing will notice is that the game is really well done, with attention being paid to the graphics, the soundtrack, as well as the overall playability, which is very smooth and satisfying.

The third thing …. after a while, and despite the novelty of being rewarded for hitting the “ball switch” areas with four different ragdoll figures to play with, and despite all the fun that you are obviously having, you will start to wonder about the longevity of this game.

At this point (the fourth thing)… you may be inclined to install the (seperately downloadable) level editor, where you will find that you can actually play with changing every single aspect of this game.

The Factory Pinball Editor: this is somewhat reminiscient of Future Pinball but doesn’t have the breadth of that title or the 3D rendering engine. (On the plus side, it is simpler to get to grips with). You can use it to edit every single aspect of the game, including the ragoll figures themselves and the playable level(s). Like Future Pinball, you really have to invest some time playing around with it to come up with worthwhile creations, but if you do you may find it extremely rewarding.

This is a great, well-constructed freeware game. If you’re not interested in creating/editing your own levels just download and install the game itself. You’ll find it easy to get into for some quick action-packed gaming.

Version tested: 1.0.13

Compatibility: Win 96, 98, XP; required a “fast PC” and OpenGL compatible 3D hardware.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (Game is 10.5 megs, Editor is a seperate 7.2 megs download).