Featured sites week 13, 09: BackupURL, Oddee, Tagoo, Keyboardr, and PhoneArena


Five bookmarks you will like to add this week! BackupURL, Odee.com, Tagoo, Keyboardr, and PhoneArena.

[Editor’s note: this post was written by Freewaregenius contributor Gaurav Paul, who introduced the idea of a “featured bookmarks” weekly post].

backupURLBackupURL: creates instant cached copies of web pages. The site does the same thing that Google Cache, Yahoo Cache and the WayBackMachine do, but the best thing it allows you to create a snapshot copy of desired webpage on-demand and get a BackupURL link to the same. This is very cool if you require the content of a web page to stay the same while you share the link.The cached page can also be used for referencing or even mirroring data. The cached page will always be online (html, CSS, images) no matter whether the original site is up or down 🙂 .

[Editor’s note: this service is no more. Check out Peeep.us for a service that does something similar. For a good freeware program that takes a snapshot of a site and saves it locally, check out Local Website Archive Lite].

ODDEEOdee.com: ever wondered why the human mind hones in on what is “odd” amongst all that is “normal”? Whatever the reason, Oddee is a blog that delivers news and stories on some of the weirdest and amazing things that have to do with people/places/science/web/humour.Very entertaining, take a look !

TagooTagoo: is a media search engine that searches for music, video, and even downloadable software from a number of good sites around the web to fetch you a simplified list of your searched subject. It gives you information such as file type, BitRate, File Size, Duration, etc. It also gives you the option to PLAY or DOWNLOAD (if available) media in the search results.

keyboardrKeyboardr: is a simple customized search engine that basically uses an AJAX GUI on top of Google search results in order to dynamically provide instant search results with each additional letter that you type into the search box. Its objective, to quote its creators, is to “replacing the feeling of ’searching’ with the feeling of ’launching’.”

The site is designed for mouse-free, all-keyboard browsing using the arrow and enter keys (hence the name “Keyboardr”). In addition to Google results, it also displays results from “Wikipedia”,”Google images” and “Youtube” in same page, which is pretty useful, and it runs pretty fast too!

phonearenaPhoneArena: as cell phones ownership increases and as they become more and more integral to modern life, “PhoneArena” is a site that is stepping forward to provide the latest news, detailed reviews, specs and info from the mobile world. This frequently updated site covers all the buzz that surrounds cell phones and mobile manufacturers.