FileHippo Update Checker


FileHippo Update checker will scan you system for installed applications, compare the results with its own application database, and present a report of all the programs that have more recent versions available.

The report also includes download links that enable you to get the new versions straight from the FileHippo servers.

Every time I re-install Windows on a computer, I am always a bit taken aback by just how many programs I simply must have on a computer (for a partial list, see my top 20 freeware titles).

But even if you are a casual user and you don’t publish a blog about software, your list of installed programs will likely have grown invisibly over time to the extent that keeping up with all available updates is not a realistic option.

Wouldn’t be great if there was a program or service that can check all your software for you and keep you updated?

FileHippo Update checker is exactly such a program. And although it will NOT audit every single program that you may have (presumably, not every program under the sun is in the FileHippo database), it will invariably dig up a whole lot of programs you either forgot about were taking for granted and tell you that there are available updates for them. It will even throw in big beautiful download buttons that you could use instantly. World peace notwithstanding, what more could you possibly wish for?

[I found this program via, one of my favorite blogs].

Version tested: 1.010 beta

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 108K).