Filemind adds sophisticated filtering for files and folders


Windows Explorer is great, but could be a lot better. File filtering, for example, is not very intuitive and relies too much on the searchbox, and is not really built to easily allow re-filtering the filtered results.

Filemind is a free file management program that enables you to find the files and folders you seek by simply typing in a few letters, just like your would in a browser, or using convenient filter tags on the right sidebar that it populates dynamically (based on the kind of objects inside the pane).

We reviewed this program before when it was called 7Files. First, here’s a quick promo video to get a sense of what it’s like, and then a quick summary of what we like about it and what can be improved.

Filemind Screenshot

Filemind promo video


  • FAST filtering
  • Multiple filters on top of each other are applied easily
  • Filter tags on the right sidebar are intuitive and provide a nice user experience (and are dynamically generated, so only filters that pertain to the pane you are looking at are visible).
  • Filtering is recursive into subfolders. Although I wish that could be turned on and off via a checkbox.

CONS / Wish list

  • I wish it used the Master File Table of the NTFS volume to build its database, as for example does the terrific files search engine called ‘Everything’, rather than Windows search.  This will make it faster and better, although it also means that FAT32 drives won’t be supported (which is no reason not to do it IMHO).
  • Integration into Windows. As for example via a context menu entry or even the possibility of replacing Windows Explorer altogether, would be a great feature. Also integrating into open save dialog.
  • Dual panes.
  • Views other that list view (thumbnails, icons, etc.)
  • The ability to quickly turn recursive/flat lists on and off.

The verdict: a nice program that needs to get even better in my opinion, especially in terms of Windows integration.  I like Filemind and would recommend you try it, but If you want quick, easy, and convenient file filtering try the free version of Listary which I think is more convenient.

Get Filemind (Windows). [Thanks to user Panzer for the tip about this program].