Filter your RSS feeds, blend them into one, or convert them to email messages


this posting will cover three online services that provide solutions for common RSS issues, namely: filtering you RSS feeds by user-defined keyword(s), consolidating multiple feeds into one, and converting RSS feeds into email updates.

FiltermyRSS is a web service that can filter your RSS feeds based on keywords that you specify. Needless to say this can be extremely useful in reducing information overload by delivering only those news items that contain your keywords and thus have a high probability of being interesting and/or relevant to you.

Here’s an example: let’s say that you get the RSS feed from a popular software portal but that you are only interested in seeing news items about freeware or open source items. Assuming that the RSS entry actually include a mention of the software licensing in it (as some do not), FilterMyRSS will allow you to enter “freeware” and “open source” as filter keywords and will only deliver those news items that contain any of these keywords in the RSS entry. Very useful indeed.

Feedblendr if you’ve ever wished that instead of your dozens of RSS feed URLs you simply had a single URL that combined all of them together then you’re in luck; FEEDblendr is a s service that can combine multiple RSS feeds into a single river-of-news type feed for you.The FEEDblendr interface is very easy to use; simply enter your RSS feeds one by one into the form. If you would rather upload an OPML file with all your feeds that is also possible. Overall a really cool and potentially useful service.

SendMerRSS what I have discovered publishing my blog is that there are certain readers who (a) want to be updated with all new published postings on the one hand, while (b) do not want to subscribe to an RSS feed or deal with the RSS world in general, or (c) simply want to be notified by email whenever there’s a new posting.If this describes you then you’ll appreciate the SendMeRSS web service. All you have to do is enter the RSS feed URL into the service, and they will send updated feeds as emails straight to your inbox. They also will let you upload an OPML file if you would like to import a number of RSS feeds at one go.

SendMeRSS also offers widgets for site/blog owners that allow visitors to request email updates straight from the site. If you’re a publisher however consider that they will not share the email addresses of your subscribers with you, which is something to keep in mind (although they will give you stats on your number of subscribers).

Visit,, and Update: We apologize, but service no longer exists.