Finally! My “Top Freeware” page is updated


I just updated my “Top Freeware” page, which was very (very) long overdue, and making it into a “Top 30” listing in the process instead of the previous “Top 20”.

I’d like this page to become a go-to destination for readers who are seeking the best free software to install on their brand new PC’s. I am very frequently asked questions like “hey which free Antivirus should I install?” or “what free Torrent client do you recommend?”, and would like to be able to respond with “just go to my Top 30 page”.

So, therefore, check out my new and improved “Freeware Top 30” page. Better still, send it to all of your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Top freeware illustration2

One caveat: the selections of programs on the list is a very personal one, any includes programs that some readers may find to be surprising choices. I do try to make an argument, though, for why a particular program is included on the list.

Lastly, note that the list is a work in progress. I am already working on the next 20 installments to make it into a “Top 50” list.

Go to the “Freeware Top 30” page!