Find large format album artwork at AlbumArt.og

200 is a site that provides searchable CD and DVD art in large format.

I’ve always used Amazon to download album art, which doesn’t provide large size images, and is on occasion unable to deliver artwork for some titles.

My second resource is typically Google image search, which is unpredictable.

This is why I was very pleased to discover It allows you to search for either CD or DVD artwork and instantly produces (mostly) large format results.

It also contains album art from international and/or rare realeses.

A search for “Radiohead” produced a staggering 468 results, which certainly says something about the breadth of this resource. And as the folks over at the CD Design and Album Cover Art blog indicate, in many cases the size of the images is larger than that provided by the album artwork resources in Itunes.

[Via the CD Design and Album Cover Art blog]

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