Find movies and shows you can stream, with ‘CanIStreamIt’


These days, you can watch all sorts of TV shows and movies online, legally, and on demand. If you’re looking to find a particular show or movie but don’t know where to start, then check out ‘CanIStreamIt’.

‘CanIStreamIt’ is a free service that will search and find streaming movies and TV shows across multiple media streaming services across the internet, and bring them to you in a single place. It comes in many guises, including a web app that you can use in any browser, a Chrome extension, and an app for Android, iOS, and Windows phone.

There are a great number of online services and pages these days that offer you the option to watch movies or television programs streamed from their site to your computer or other internet capable device. Many of these sites support or soon will support mobiles devices as well, and because of this there has been an explosion of people watching their favorite shows or their favorite movies on these sites lately. From things like Netflix, which allows you to watch streaming movies and shows with a subscription, to Hulu which allows you to watch for free or with a subscription (depending on your needs and/or preference), not to mention other related sites like YouTube,  there’s an galaxy of media out there you can watch at the click of a mouse.

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But, not all of these services, sites or subscriptions offer the same list of titles to watch, and therein lies the problem. Let’s say you want to watch the latest movie starring Channing Tatum, and you know the name of the film but you check Netflix and they don’t have it available to stream to you. But, it’s possible one of the other sites will, so you go off on a twenty minute safari through the cyber jungle searching to figure out which, if any of the streaming services out there has the title you want to watch. In the end, maybe you find it and maybe you don’t. The point is that you just spent almost half an hour just looking for the thing in the first place. In the ‘old’ days, you might have to spend a couple hours or more to visit three or four different video rental stores before you find the film you want, and it seems like cutting that sort of trip into a twenty minute search on your laptop would be the best improvement possible, right?

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Well, not anymore. There’s so many sites out there that someone finally wised up and gave us a way to search through the different services to find what you want. That means you won’t have to go to each individual site or system to find out if they have your movie or show in a streaming format! Now, Google and other search engines can offer a wealth of information about what services are out there but those types of search engines are limited in the manner that they don’t provide comprehensive listings of what titles are on which services. That’s where CanIStreamIt comes into play and saves you!

It’s an amazingly simple but useful concept: just go to the site, type in your search variable (let’s say Teen Wolf for example) and then hit enter. You’ll get an almost instant listing telling you where you can find that particular movie or show. Additionally, since the search engine is pretty comprehensive, if what you are looking for doesn’t appear on any results you can be reasonably assured that it will be rather difficult (at best) to find it in a streaming format on the net. This kind of niche search has become more and more important to us as a cyber-faring culture and CanIStreamIt has provided an excellent example of it. It can be installed as a Chrome extension if you like, but it’s really just a shortcut to the site. The site can, of course, be accessed from any internet capable mobile device, too, so that can make a big difference to your decision making process when you’re on the go and figuring out what you’ll do with the rest of your night. There are also multiple apps for mobile devices (Android, iOS) and other platforms and a couple of other useful tools on the site as well as news and reviews of nearly any media you can think of but those are secondary to the value of the core search on this page. You can even set up reminders to yourself for when and if the title you want becomes available on any given service or site!

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In short, CanIStreamIt is a great web tool for those that love movies and television streamed to their home through the various services out there. By providing a reliable directory in this manner, they have immediately become the ‘Progressive’ of the internet media world by giving us the best information all in one place. I will be using this site henceforth, anytime I need to find a specific title online or through one of the services I have. Until next time, my friends!

  • Check out CanIStreamIt here.