Find out which nearby WiFi network has the most signal strength, with WifiInfoView


Ever wondered which of the WIFI connections available to you has the most signal strength? The number of visible bars gives some indication, but does not tell the whole story.

What you need is WifiInfoView, a free desktop application that can quickly compare the signal strength and various other parameters of the WIFI networks in range.

WifiInfoView is a free to use Windows application. It does not need to be installed; you only need to run the EXE file contained within the downloaded archive. One the application is run, a list of all in-range WIFI networks is populated.

Against the names of these networks you can view various network properties such as MAC address, signal quality, frequency, channel of operation, and more. Clicking on a particular network name shows its properties in the bottom pane.

WifiInfoView 1

If you are looking for a particular network in a long list of Wi-Fi networks, you can simply use the find feature.

WifiInfoView 2
The table can be summarized to view properties against each channel of information. This can help you determine which channel is the strongest for WIFI operation in your area.

WifiInfoView 3

Various summary modes can be viewed by entering the Options menu in the top toolbar.

WifiInfoView 4

In summary, WifiInfoView is a highly useful app for those who rely on public WIFI networks. Before connecting to any network, check this app to find out more information on which WIFI network can serve you best. It will save you the time you otherwise would have spent experimenting with and changing networks, and obviously helps you get the best internet browsing experience.

Download WifiInfoView (Windows)